These stunning composite day and night shots of major cities will amaze you

The stark difference between day and night is not only apparent by the colour of the sky or the presence or absence of the sun, moon and the stars but instead, the huge contrast is also evident by the activity and the look of the cities during the broad daylight and in the whispers of night. Day and night influence the lifestyle of people residing in the cities, especially the metropolitan ones, and completely changes the way that a city looks like. Stephen Wilkes was quick to get inspired by this reality and hence went on to work on his digital manipulation to compose one image, consisting of 1,500 images from a 15-hour shoot day, that shows the city at all times, from the crack of the dawn to the nightfall. Wilkes has till now covered major cities such as New York City, Washington DC, and Shanghai and the images have turned out to be pretty spectacular, depicting the lifestyle, art and culture of these major cities in an innovative manner.

The photographer comments, “The images are so layered; there are so many elements that I love about the medium: Street, history, people environment, narrative, and storytelling. I’m drawn to cities that have not only fantastic architecture, but also fascinating street life. The human narrative is the subtext in a lot of my photographs, so the more you look at it, the more you are going to discover.”

day to night 37

day to night 34

day to night 33

day to night 32

day to night 31

day to night 29

day to night 28

day to night 27

day to night 26

day to night 22

day to night 19

day to night 17

day to night 15

day to night 13

day to night 12

day to night 11

day to night 10

day to night 9

day to night 6

day to night 4

day to night 3

day to night 2

day to night 1

Images: © Stephen Wilkes

Reference Links: Daily Mail , My Modern Met , Guardian

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