These star trails over Namibia desert look something straight out of Van Gogh’s Starry Night

When it comes to breathtaking cosmic photography, no other name comes to our mind other than Russian photographer Daniel Kordan’s. This time around he took a trip to Namibia to capture the star trails seen right above the white clay pan that features a 900-year-old tree skeleton. Koden started off with making a timelapse of the sky with his wide-angle lens and used PhotoPills to predict the movement of the stars. As a result, a kaleidoscopic effect was created that helped illuminate the dark desert below. The images undoubtedly look absolutely mesmerizing and the beautiful multi-colored hues make them look nothing less than Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Check it out for yourself!

stars 8

stars 6

stars 14

stars 13

stars 10

stars 9

stars 5

stars 7

stars 2

stars 4

stars 1

stars 12

stars 15

stars 16

All Images: © Daniel Kordan

Daniel Kordan: Website | Instagram

h/t: Colossal

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