These shoes by Adidas have been made from ocean plastic

In the recent years, human lifestyle together with the definition of waste has evolved to an extent that we label everything as waste, even if it has been used for just one time. Most of the waste is comprised of plastics which is then dumped in the oceans however, that is not the end of the disposal cycles since the plastic eventually gets swallowed by the marine life. This life-threatening practice can easily be controlled by taking initiatives revolving around recycling. Adidas has surprisingly become a front runner in capitalizing the waste through recycling by launching its Ultraboost Uncaged shoes collection.

These shoes comprise of 95% plastic material that has been recovered from the coast of Western Africa. The $220 worth of shoes contain as much plastic as 11 disposable bottles however, Adidas being Adidas, the environment friendly shoes do not compromise in its fashionable look even in the slightest manner. Adidas has already sold a million pairs of Ultraboost and we are hoping there will be more in the making since the company does not seem to look back from being sustainable in terms of manufacturing anymore!

adidas 1

adidas 2

adidas 3

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Images: © Adidas

h/t: Tree Hugger

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