These rubber powered planes are taking higher flights than you can even imagine

Not everyone can be a pilot and fly about in fancy airplanes however, some people know how to bend the circumstances to fulfill their own dreams. Brett Sanborn and Yuan Kang Lee do just that by building their own rubber powered airplanes and flying them indoors. Phil Kibbe has directed and edited a documentary video of them as they prepare to participate in this sport’s main event, F1D World Championships in Romania.

Float by Phil Kibbie

float 2 4

The video shows the planes flying about here and there in sweeping motions. Kibbe has also focused on showing how skillfully these pilots twist the rubber bands onto their model planes to power their flight. The exhilarating documentary is aptly named, Float and has already made it to screening at 43rd Cleveland International Film Festival, in Cleveland, Ohio.

Float by Phil Kibbie

Float 2

Image Credits: © Phil Kibbie

h/t: Colossal

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