These photographs will make you experience Barcelona in a way that you never did before

With the urban sprawl, appreciating smaller buildings and simplistic architecture is becoming difficult day by day however, if we try changing our perspective, things become a lot more different. Hungarian photographer Márton Mogyorósy did just that by capturing the symmetry of Barcelona from high up the sky rather than from the surface. The photographer explored the land and the sea of this beautiful city through her drone and managed to capture some of the most mesmerizing photographs of Barcelona ever taken. The drone shots focus on the satisfying geometrical symmetry of the Walden 7 apartment building designed by the famous Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill, the cubes by the seashore, the ships at the port and other less popular neighborhoods.

These aerial photographs have emphasized on each curve, crevice and cube that has contributed to the beautiful urban fabric that this city is now famous for. Check these photographs right away!

barcelona 5 barcelona 3 barcelona 1 barcelona 8 barcelona 4 barcelona 6 barcelona 7

Image Credits: © Márton Mogyorósy

Márton Mogyorósy: Behance | Instagram | 500px

h/t: Colossal

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