These nature infused resin jewelry will make you appreciate wildflower landscapes like never before!

For most, jewelry works just as an accessory to enhance the overall appearance but for Dublin based artist, Gillian Corcoran it is a way of infusing and preserving her spellbinding surroundings to provide a short term magical escape to the wearers.

Corcoran picks up exotic “real native wildflowers, fungi, and organic curiosities harvested from the Irish countryside” and places it meticulously in between the eco-friendly pine resins hence giving a glossy outlook to the enchanting fantasy that is trapped inside of it. The designer has named this series of nature infused pendants and earrings as, Lost Forest and this is Corcoran’s own unique way of bringing people close to the organic life through her absolutely aesthetically fascinating creations.

Shop away at Lost Forest shop if you find these statement pieces as appealing as we do!

All Images: © Lost Forest

Lost Forest: Website | Instagram

h/t: My Modern Met

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