These interesting images show which items do people touch every day!

The things that we interact with all day do give away a lot about one’s personality and this quirky thought was very well documented by product designer and consultant, Paula Zuccotti. Zuccotti wished to understand people through the objects that they touch in a day and hence commenced the project “Everything We Touch” where the artist asked people belonging to different backgrounds and age group to list down and further, gather the items that remain in constant contact with them throughout their day.

The photographs that Zuccotti took of these items provided an insight of the global population that otherwise goes amiss. She states, “People are unified much more by their interests than by geography or age. Someone’s photo from China can look more like someone from California than from another Chinese counterpart.”

Nini, 28, is an artist and designer in Shanghai

things 2

Nick, 39, is an industrial designer in San Francisco

things 5

Liu, 72, is a shadow puppeteer in Shanghai

things 8

Josh, 29, is a product designer in London

things 3

Gemma, 48, is a chef in Marrakesh

things 9

Claire, 33, is a director and photographer in Los Angeles

things 7

Arki, an 8-year-old in Melbourne, likes sports

things 4

Cladia, 41, is a filmmaker in Madrid

things 6

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Images: © Paula Zuccotti

h/t: Business Insider

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