These incredible paper blinds change their shape in oddly satisfying manner

Natchar Sawatdichai, a London- based designer develops domestic products using sustainable materials such as but not limited to paper, as an alternative to what she describes as the ‘overqualified’ materials. She makes blades that can be customized according to the design, by cutting and folding paper into different dimensional arrangements. These blades are made of three basic components – the curtain itself, a cord from which it is suspended and a pulley to adjust its height to the required level.

The blinds designed by Sawatdichai’s can be easily swapped by sliding them out of the bracket and then sliding in the new blinds. The moving cord is placed in the center of the blinds and the blinds mechanism allows the adjustment of the blinds to the required length by cutting each side of the edges and then hooking them to the bracket.

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All Images: © Natchars

h/t: Design Boom

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