These images will show how your favourite snacks have always been matching your outfits and you never realized

This is surely the era of wacky collaborations and this time, it is photographer Kelsey McClellan and prop/set stylist Michelle Maguire who have come together for the project, “Wardrobe Snacks”, to leave the audience with something to go crazy about. The duo has worked on a variety of wardrobes that surprisingly match the food that we all love. If viewed separately, you would not be able to point out any relevance between the food and the clothes but McClellan’s photography and Maguire’s styling will compel you to think otherwise. The series has not only been inspired by the matching colours of the outfits and the snacks but also by the textures and designs of the clothes. Check out the resulting images right here!

wardrobe snacks 2

wardrobe snacks 10

wardrobe snacks 5

wardrobe snacks 13

wardrobe snacks 7

wardrobe snacks 4

wardrobe snacks 6

wardrobe snacks 1

wardrobe snacks 12

wardrobe snacks 15

wardrobe snacks 3

wardrobe snacks 11

wardrobe snacks 14

wardrobe snacks 8

Images: © Kelsey Mcclellan

h/t: Colossal

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