These glowing futuristic headphones are literally lit!

There is no other invention that is cooler than the good old headphones for music lovers but what if we say, there is? Glow headphones is the revolutionary headphone design that has created an x factor that was missing in all the conventional headphones. The extremely lightweight and ergonomically designed headphones integrate laser lights that glow according to the beats of the music that the user is listening to or to the user’s heartbeat. The remarkable sound technology combined with glowing feature creates an exceptional audio-visual experience for the users that in unparalleled to anything else in the world of headphones.

To add more to its charm, the futuristic headphones are comfortable to wear even when you’re lying due to the negative profile it has which recesses when the user is laying down. Furthermore, the headphones have integrated sensors that control music, read text messages, activate phone’s camera, make calls and open apps just by the movements. What else would you ever wish for in a headphone?

You can get one for yourself at $139!

Glow Headphones 1 Glow Headphones 2 Glow Headphones 6 Glow Headphones 1 Glow Headphones 9 Glow Headphones 7 Glow Headphones 8 Glow Headphones 10 Glow Headphones 5 Glow Headphones 4

Images: © Glow Headphones

h/t: Design Boom

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