These glass sculptures by Dylan Martinez will fool you to no end

If you believe that you have a solid sense of judgement that lets you differentiate reality from illusion then you might struggle a bit with that confidence once you lay your eyes on the sculptures made by Dylan Martinez. The artist uses molten glass to form sculptures that look like water in plastic bags.

He creates this illusion by first sculpting the “water” in the plastic bag with solid glass. To give it a realistic touch, he blows bubbles on the top and then smooths it over as he starts hand sculpting his way through it. At the end, he places the sculpture into an oven at 950° F and lets it cool for another 120 hours. His phenomenal work is going to be exhibited at Echt Gallery in Chicago on July 13 and the sculptures can also be viewed in his glass studio in White Salmon, Washington.

martinez 2

martinez 1

martinez 3

martinez 4

martinez 5

Images: © Dylan Martinez

Dylan Martinez: Website | Instagram

h/t: Colossal

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