These enchanting balsa wood miniature sculptures will take you to an imaginative world

The imaginative multidisciplinary Dutch artist, Vera van Wolferen has come up with exceptional miniature sculptures made out of balsa wood. Wolferen tactfully shapes the ordinary wood into most creative little sculptures that tell their story in the simplest yet most striking way. Each sculpture, placed carefully under a glass bell jar, looks as if it is in its own independent world and to make things a bit more surreal, Wolferen leaves a tiny touch of cotton to make it look like a fluffy cloud in the magical universe. Check out some of her work down below:.

story objects 6

story objects 7

story objects 8

story objects 9

story objects 10

Vera van Wolferen Wooden Sculptures 1

Vera van Wolferen Wooden Sculptures 2

Vera van Wolferen Wooden Sculptures 3

story objects 2

story objects 1

story objects 5

story objects 3

Image: © Vera van Wolferen

Vera van Wolferen: Instagram | Facebook | Behance

h/t: Colossal

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