These collages expose the lack of originality in every adventure instagram photograph

In the some-what narcissist world of social media, we seem to think that we are the only ones who are unique. To shatter this delusional thought, Insta_repeat, an account on Instagram collects similar looking photographs on the social network and create collages of them for all to see. The anonymous 27-year-old account handler basically wanted to have an innocuous jab at the world of digital influencers that has ultimately made experiences of people around the word look exactly the same. Check out some of the collages right here to witness the sameness on Instagram and all that we witness on our Instagram feeds.

insta 2

insta 1

insta 5

insta 1

insta 3

insta 4

insta 1

Images: © Insta_repeat

h/t: My Modern Met

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