These cathedrals embody modernity yet holiness through their contemporary design

You must have seen a lot of cathedrals in your lifetime but we bet you haven’t seen a lot of them with a contemporary spin. No worries there since French photographer, Fabrice Fouillet has done enough traveling on our behalf and have photographed a number of amazing churches on his voyage that look nothing like a traditional church building. These churches were mostly constructed after World War II and so they embody the modernity that came with the new era. The photographer framed every photograph in the same manner by placing the altar at the bottom so that the height of the space is established prominently in each shot.

The series Corpus Christi features all churches that defy the traditional structural style of cathedrals however, it is surprising to notice that they still preserve the aura of purity and holiness in them. The sharp geometry and expansive vertical spaces were common attributes in all these contemporary cathedrals hence signifying the glory of nature and its creator. Fouillet explains, “Corpus Christi highlights the architectural aesthetic of the new places of worship and their hymn to minimalism, which has represented a genuine creative inspiration in modern religious architecture… [T]hey reveal a new conception of the sacred, a representation of the divine imbued with modernity… ”

catherdrals 8

catherdrals 11

catherdrals 2

catherdrals 9

catherdrals 1

catherdrals 5

catherdrals 10

catherdrals 7

catherdrals 4

catherdrals 3

catherdrals 6

catherdrals 13

catherdrals 12

All Images: © Fabrice

h/t: Peta Pixel

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