These adorable cat paw socks are pawfect accessory for your furniture

Humans can be divided into sects, religion, political and social views and what not but it is impossible to divide their opinion when it comes to finding cat paws adorable and scratch marks on the floors despicable. In this spirit, Bluecrate has introduced a household product, Cat Paw Chair Socks which will let you have scratch-free floors by using the absolutely adorable cat paw design socks.

Cat Paw Chair Socks 5 Cat Paw Chair Socks 2

The socks are really for chair legs so when you put them on and move your furniture around, the floor does not get destroyed in the process. Cherry on the top, people around would also be spared from the annoying screeching voices that are produced when chairs are dragged.  These insanely cute socks come in five designs and colours; black, yellow striped, dark gray striped, light gray striped, and orange spotted and each one of them has tiny knitted pink paw pads underneath them. If that was enough to make you fall in love with these socks then you can head on to Bluecrate to buy your own set for just $9.99!

Cat Paw Chair Socks 3 Cat Paw Chair Socks 4

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h/t: My Modern Met

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