These 25 Adorable Nerdy Baby Shoots Will Melt Your Heart Right Away

Running out of innovative ideas for the shoot of your newly born? Well, why not just transfer your favourite fandom to your kids at the very beginning of their lives? This approach is exactly what these geeky parents took while photographing their babies. From Superman to Groot, these geeky parents have left no sci-fi and superhero reference behind, making their kids look like miniature version of their most favourite characters of the fandom they follow.

The props and costumes have all been selected very precisely by the parents and the photographers to create the aura of the geeky theme and we cannot take our eyes off these absolutely adorable tiny twists to the otherwise tricky sci-fi concepts.

Check out the pictures below!

Baby Alice In Wonderland

Image: Jme Portraits

Baby Batman And Baby Wonder Woman


Baby Batman

Image: Kimberly G

Image: ashleymcnamara.com

Baby Bookworm

Image: Tavia Redburn Photography

Baby Captain America

Image: Etsy

Baby Doctor Who

Image: JLobbins Photo

Baby Donatello

Image: Tanya Haswell

Baby Ewok

Image: Jme Portraits

Baby Flash

Image: Jme Portraits

Baby From Up

Image: Bluegatephoto

Baby Gamer

Image: Kimberly G

Baby Geek

Image: A piece of Lisa photography

Baby Giraffe

Baby Groot!

Image: JME Portraits

Baby Harry Potter

Image: Amy Cook

Baby Harry Potter 2

Image: Frotography

Baby Hobbit

Baby In A Hat

Image: Etsy

Baby Knight

Image: A piece of Lisa photography

Baby Luke Skywalker

Image: Jme Portraits

Baby Luke

Image: Malia B

Baby Mario

Image: jannphoto

Baby Minnie Mouse

Image: jannphoto

Baby Monster Inc

Image: sugarloafphotographs


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