The all new DS X E-Tense by DS Automobiles is the car of your dreams

DS Automobiles who are based in France, have brought around the DS X E-Tense which is now all set to become the revolutionary electric car by 2035. With the power of a thousand kilowatts and a Formula E suspension, DS offers a carbon fibre chassis along with a variety of design elements that boost its functionality.

The driver gets a first-hand experience of an open air drive as the car eliminates a rooftop and uses only a windshield attached at an angle to protect the driver from any windy mishaps. The inside of the cockpit includes just the reclined seat, a steering wheel and a few switches so the cabin can be made as compact as possible.

A complete view of the DS X E-TenseThe inside of the cockpit of the DS X E-Tense

Passengers also get to experience a complete whirlwind of a ride as the gullwing on the driver’s side opens the door to two passenger seats that are completely covered but include a see through floor and bubble windows so you can enjoy the drive just as much!

The tail lights and the head lights do not follow routine course and stretch out in a spider web like manner throughout the front and back of the car. There is a lot of intricacy that follows the design and its innovation which also tends to make it a bit vulnerable in terms of how assertive its features can be. However, DS claims that “new technology” makes the E-Tense “capable of recovering its original form after an impact”.

Headlights of the DS X E Tense


Some additional features like the immersive acoustic bubble that gives each passenger an independent sound beam and seats that infold to the capacitate the passenger have all been included although their functionality might still be of question.

Check out this video to learn more!

All Images: DS automobiles
h/t: New Atlas

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