Textile-based bicycle lock will never let you look back at your bulky chain locks again

Riding a bicycle is easy but keeping it safe is not really an easy task with all those bulky, complicated bicycle chains. Those chain locks do protect the bicycles but let’s be honest, they are very inconvenient to carry and tend to become a nuisance while paddling when they are mounted on the top tube. But, with the invention of Tex-Lock, the whole bicycle protection procedure has become a piece of cake.

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Tex-Lock is fundamentally a flexible and lightweight cable lock that uses a textile based rope material to keep the cable lock highly efficient yet also compressive enough to fit in a pocket. The fabric that covers the flexible cable itself is fire and ice resistant and can even withstand cutting by bolt cutters.

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So, the Tex-Lock is not only easy to carry, weighing just 350 grams but is as safe, if not more, as the conventional bicycle chain. Moreover, you can completely get over the fear of getting cuts by this cable lock while it rests on the top tube.

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Tex-Lock has already hit Kickstarter and you can get it for yourself for only $100 or XL version for $120 from their website!

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