Forget dustpans! Sweepovac in-wall vacuum will collect all the dust instantly

One of the most annoying aftermath of sweeping the house is the dirt lines that are formed with the dustpans or if you’re using vacuum cleaners then it’s definitely the tuneless sound of it. However, with Sweepovac you’re likely to face neither of these infuriating consequences of house cleaning since the compact and aesthetically pleasing device sucks in the dirt right away if it is placed near its suction opening.

Sweepovac 1 Sweepovac 3

The device can be installed on the cabinets by cutting off a minute chunk of it or if the furniture has a clear area under it, it can easily be placed there without using any tools. The 14.9 x 4.5 x 18.25 inches (w x h x d) compact Sweepovac starts functioning just by a push of the button with your foot and in matter of seconds, the dirt just disappears.

You can get yours in $199.95!

Sweepovac 1

Images: © SweepOvac

h/t: Cool Things

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