Sweden’s Ice Hotel opens to public with amazing ice sculptures

Staying in a winter wonderland!

It’s the season to be jolly and it’s the season to welcome the annual Ice hotel once again! This year’s host is the Swedish town of Jukkasjärvi, which has brought around all-new handmade sculptures in their frozen accommodation for the 29th edition of this festival.

Thousands of ice blocks from a river close by that had frozen up, were used including the use of “snice” which is a type of frozen water whose physical characteristics make it an intermediate between snow and ice.

Sweden Ice Hotel 1 Sweden Ice Hotel 2

“To be able to cast the building, snice is produced – a mixture of snow and ice made of water from the river,” explains the hotel’s website. “The snice is sprayed onto molds, which are removed once the structure has consolidated. The rooms are constructed in a classic, catenary arch shape, which is self-supporting and incredibly strong. Room after room is filled with snow and ice in the right amounts, so when the artists arrive they can get started and immediately turn their sketches into reality.”

Sweden Ice Hotel 3 Sweden Ice Hotel 4

The Ice hotel boasts many features like warm rooms, a restaurant, and bar, a ceremony hall along with a solar-powered hotel right next to it that entertains guests all year round. But the exclusive sub-zero art suites which comprise of sculptures and artwork from 13 artists hailing from 34 different countries is what is attracting the people.

Sweden Ice Hotel 5 Sweden Ice Hotel 6

This year, the sculptures seem to follow a nature-oriented theme. The structures include oak trees, underwater scenes, and fantastical animals. Also worthy of admiration are the hotel’s ice chandeliers which hold 1000 ice crystals sculpted by hand.

Sweden Ice Hotel 7 Sweden Ice Hotel 8

This 29th season of the Ice Hotel is open for all until 13th of April, 2019. The hotel will then be closed as summer arrives because the sculptures will begin to melt. A one night stay at the art suite can be bought for around 2,752 SEK (around US$306) and is worth the pay for a magical experience if you remember to pack well since the temperatures in the room can drop down to a -5°C.

Sweden Ice Hotel 9 Sweden Ice Hotel 10

All Images: © Asaf Kliger

h/t: New Atlas

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