Swagtron’s New Electric SwagSurf is a Lazy Man’s Surfboard

Swagtron, previously known as Swagway, introduced their all new SwagSurf at the CES this year. Too much ‘swag’? I think so too. But clearly Swagtron thinks the current surfboards are not ‘swaggy’ enough.

Before we get into the details of this electric surfboard, let’s see what the company is up to. They are planning on introducing a SwagRoller which basically an electric unicycle, a SwagCycle which is an electric bike, and an off-road hoverboard. Not entirely new, but these concepts definitely have the ‘swag’ (quite literally) that people look for these days.

So, what’s different about this surfboard? Physically, it’s around seven and a half feet long with a width of two and a half feet. What’s convenient about this board is that it folds up and can be packed in a small sized case. The board is lined with a drop-stitch fabric which seems as if it’s filled with foam instead of air. It weighs 55 pounds and can move at a speed of 15 miles per hour. According to the company, the board can run for 44 minutes per charge, and if you want to continue riding then you can replace the battery as it is removable. If we draw similarities between the conventional surfboard and SwagSurf, they both have fins at the bottom that provide stabilization. However, the SwagSurf is modified in the sense that it has a hydrofoil at the front which actually helps lift the board as well as the rider! You don’t need to worry about being overweight, it can withstand a load of 240 pounds – I’m hoping you meet the limit!

Onto the appearance that brings all the ‘swag’ – the surfboard has black and white flames all over and has a wireless remote control. So basically, it’s a surfboard for super lazy people as they can just allow the motor to drive them back to the shore. But will they be willing to pay $2,400 for a surfboard (a normal one costs just about $350 by the way)? We’ll just have to wait and watch.

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