Space saving YO! Home features a bed that drops down from the ceiling

Buying huge houses to live a luxurious life is so last century and compact homes with compartmentalized furniture is the new “in” thing.

YO! Sushi and YOTEL designer, Simon Woodroffe has come up with a unique concept of urban living with his new project, YO! Home. The house is filled with hidden compartments that come to visibility on just a push of a button and completely change the look of the living space. The cozy living room changes into a master bedroom as the king-size bed drops down from the ceiling and easily transforms into a dining room as the table rises from the floor.

 The ultra-space saving studio apartment has hidden features of a dining room, bedroom, kitchen, lounge and a bathroom.

YOHome 16 YOHome 15 YOHome 17 YOHome 11 YOHome 12

The lounge has a permanent U-shaped sofa in the middle. However, it soon becomes a platform for the bed when it is lowered from the ceiling. On the other hand, the compartment that hides the dining table serves as a legroom for as many as four diners.

The compact apartment design can however be designed according to the need of the interested buyers with additional features such as a library and a wine cellar. The company looks forward to setting up tower blocks of YO! Homes for urban dwellers in Manchester and then move towards Manhattan, Buenos Aires, Tokyo and Shanghai.

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The construction of the convertible apartments is also swift as the components are built separately and then delivered on site. This also reduces the construction cost to a minimum hence the pricing of these apartments will be as low as £150,000.

The affordable and stylish YO! Home is truly a treat for everyone who is fed up of trading living standards for high priced, cramped apartments in the bustling cities.

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Image: © YO! Home

h/t: Daily Mail

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