Sony and Yamaha are developing self-driving cart that also serves as a digital billboard

In the year 2016, Sony developed a proof of concept and then completed its concept cart prototype named as SC-1 in the year 2017. Sony has joined efforts with Yamaha to fashion an autonomous cart concept that double’s up as the mobile advertising board. The SC-1 affable cart is designed for amusement facilities comprising of golf courses, theme parks, and ‘commercial facilities.’

In the year 2018, that prototype was utilised on the exceptional “Moonlight Cruise” drive experience at Kanucha Bay Resort where clients were able to experience and rejoice with audio, and video amusement driven by amplified reality anticipated against night parts on a golf course in Okinawa. There are four displays outside the vehicle. Each display is a 55-inch 4k display that can exhibit ads for people who are passing by. The advertisements might even be tailored using Artificial Intelligence which is grounded on who is seeing them. For example, a group of children might see an advertisement battered for kids, whereas adults might see somewhat diverse.

Sony, in its statement, stated that “Unlike conventional transport vehicles which are operated by humans, the SC-1 can sense the surrounding environment using images that are in-focus in all directions”. Moreover, “the ultra-high sensitivity characteristics of the image sensors and the high-resolution display installed inside the vehicle allow the passengers to see their surroundings at night even without any headlights. Also, in addition to normal operation by the passengers, the SC-1 can be operated remotely by someone viewing the images via cloud.”

There are no windows around the vehicle, instead of windows, 55-inch large displays are positioned where windows would conventionally be in an automobile. The prototype Cart SC-1 also features ultrasonic instruments and a LIDAR scheme that permits it to accrue travel data and improve its driving over the period. Sony along with the Yamaha Motor plans to unveil the services using the novel SC-1 Cart in Japan this year, however you won’t be able to buy one, because the SC-1 Cart is not presented to the general public, but you can still have a look at this cart in a theme park near you pretty soon.

Source: Sony (via: Engadget)

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