Solar powered ‘Smart Palm Trees’ provide WiFi and phone charging stations in Dubai

Dubai has no limits – let’s just all learn to agree to that. From the world’s tallest building to the miraculous palm islands, Dubai is anything but ordinary. Have you heard about the new smart palm trees that are being installed in Dubai?

The smart palm trees are state-of-the-art trees that soak up solar energy during the day and discharge it in the evening. So, how can you use this energy? It’s simple. Use the free Wi-Fi service that these smart palm trees provide and/or simply charge your phone while you are out. Each tree has eight charging ports and a Wi-Fi that lasts for 100 meters in any direction.  These trees are 20-feet high with leaves having a surface area of 18 square meters. They also have screens and security cameras!

Smart Palm Trees 2

Image: Smart Palm

Smart Palm Trees 5

Image: Smart Palm

The first smart palm trees have been installed on the beach near Burj Al Arab and plans are to install these in all public places such as parks. These trees are a product of a company called ‘Smart Palm’. The company aims to plant these in 103 locations around Dubai as per the contract with the city.

In a press release, Viktor Nelepa (founder of Smart Palm) said, “For us, it was important to translate the important cultural identity of the date palm from being a plant that provided shelter, building materials, shade and sustenance, to our Smart Palm, designed to provide data, connectivity, energy and all in a sustainable manner.” As of now, the cost of these smart palm trees has not been decided but money really isn’t an issue for Dubai.

Smart Palm Trees 1

Image: Smart Palm

Smart Palm Trees 4

Image: Smart Palm

So, during the day, you might see tourists and citizens under these trees – saving themselves from the scorching sun – while at night you’ll see people charging their phones, taking pictures with these aesthetically pleasing smart trees and using free Wi-Fi. Don’t worry, you won’t have to wait for hours by the tree to charge your phone as the company guarantees that the trees will be able to charge mobile phone batteries two and a half times faster than usual.

Smart Palm Trees 6

Image: Smart Palm

Time to go to Dubai? I think so.

h/t: Design Boom

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