Solar-powered floating homes takes luxurious living to another level

+31Architects, a Dutch firm of architecture in partnership with WSM Die Wohnschiff Manufacktur, a German manufacturer, has fashioned a series of houseboats that are powered through solar panels. They have a plan to complete their initial model by the end of the going year. Named as Waterloft and Naturecruiser, these advanced powered floating homes are fashioned as completely furnished houseboats. These floating homes have an extra advantage of cruising around the beautiful rivers and lakes.

According to the Dutch firm +31Architects, motorized floating homes are the emerging trends in the market. These advanced power boats allow people to enjoy the water waves and beauties of rivers sitting in their living room. Hence, the Waterloft and Naturecruiser might be attached at the fixed dock. The strings can easily be taken down which lets the vessels to move to the nearby ports, larger lakes, and marinas.

Naturecruiser Floating Home

According to Jorrit Houwert who is an architect in the firm +31Architect, the idea of floating houseboats started with a dream to enjoy the water and moves onto the next locations to discover and travel new places. He further said that it was the utmost desire of the company to make an up-to-date houseboat which works as a ship; however, at the same time, by its appearance and looks, it distinguishes itself. The company now proudly say that because they have created the slim monolithic shape in which hull impeccably modifies into a roof, joined with natural wooden look with huge windows.

Naturecruiser Floating Home

The Waterloft and Naturecruiser have a similar design like the luxury ships have, though, they differ in bulky design like the most ships have. The Waterloft and Naturecruiser both have a modernized front with smoothed curves, wooden carving throughout and an aluminum casing to shield and protect the vessel. On the roof of the floating home, solar collectors and solar panels can be fitted. These panels can produce abundant power and warm water to extend the facility completely self-sufficient when anchored.

Naturecruiser Floating Home

The company has the plan to fit the hydrogen engine in the upcoming models, but current models include the hybrid electric engine. The onboard sewage system and water takes the water from the river or lake and is then cleaned onboard with the distillation system. The houseboats come with customized length, hybrid electric motor, battery pack, solar panels, ecological treatment of water and underfloor heat system, which is pellet-powered.

Naturecruiser Floating Home

The Naturecruiser is 49 feet or 15 meters in length. It can accommodate 8 people while cruising and 16 people when anchored. The Waterloft is 79 feet or 24-meter-long with huge storage space underneath the deck. It can accommodate 25 people while cruising and 50 people when anchored. These floating homes also come up with 2 or 3 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, bathroom, shower, sauna, large roof, and a terrace.

Naturecruiser Floating Home

The Waterloft is available from 1,012,700 USD, or € 899,000 and Naturecruiser is available at 602,663 USD or €535,000. The company also plans to introduce a huge 2,206 square feet luxury home named as Waterville at a price tag of 1,012,700 USD or €899,000. The prototypes of Waterloft and Naturecruiser will be built by the end of the year 2019.

All Images: © +31Architects

Architects: +31Architects

Sources: +31ArchitectsWSM Die Wohnschiff-Manufaktur (via: New Atlas)

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