Snapchat’s latest update adds video games to the platform to keep users entertianed

Social media is not just a platform for connecting with people in the same boring way anymore now that snapchat has introduced its first original game called Bitmoji party in which your friends and you can connect in an entertaining way. The game doesn’t require any tardy installation as it is the part of the new update and it can be accessed in the chat box. Your friends and you can now meet up at the bitmoji party and share a wonderful experience.

The game allows the players to communicate while playing even via a live voice chat which enhances the gaming experience and interface. Snapchat explains how friendship is more than just talking about things and that it also includes sharing some wonderful experiences together which the application has been trying to provide. Snapchat revealed its game “Bitmoji party” along with five more games which even allow you to use your own avatar as your character.

Snapchat anticipates a huge success with its new venture and if it goes where they have intended then it could earn the company a big fortune. The gaming extension could vastly enhance the screen-time on snapchat which could proportionally increase the advertising space. For providing a great experience, snapchat is collaborating with videogame developers and this could improve the gaming quality and experience as the demand grows.

h/t: Design Boom

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