SJA III Cabana with hillside pool by CDM architects looks stunning on Mexican coast

Owning a cabana on the beach is like a dream come true, only if it’s stunning though. Mexican architecture firm CDM, surpassed all expectations when it comes to beauty by creating the marvelous SJA III Cabana and a swimming pool on a hillside with ample greenery, overlooking the Pacific Ocean!

This stunning structure resides in the small town of San Juan de Alima, on the western tip of Mexico. The architects at CDM used clever building techniques such that the cabana and the swimming pool blend in perfectly with the surroundings. It consists of an unconnected roofing structure of a Palapa that extrudes out from the mountain and towards the ocean. The roof also consists of thick ivy that droops over the edges of the structure to not only integrate the cabana into its surroundings, but also to provide a visual appeal to the overall residence.

Inside, the cabana consists of breathtaking designs and comfortable places to relax and unwind. The caramel-toned wood wraps around the ceilings and walls to provide a sense of warmth and coziness into the entire interior atmosphere. Furthermore, the wall adjoining the hill, comes covered in stones-which blurs the lines between nature and housing and provides the residents with a serene experience. One would also see woodwork integrated into almost everything, from the wooden cabinetry and furnishings to the chairs and sofas. To balance out all the brown-ish effect from the wood, the living place contains multiple ivory-colored cushions along with accent pillows in grey and gold.

Retractable walls allow the resident to access the outdoors and the pool with ease. Multi-tonal tiles that line the basin of the pool provide a contemporary effect; while the corners exposed to rocks help maintain the natural look.

CDM’s new captivating design certainly makes this cabana the ideal summer resort to relax and unwind away from the festivities of the urbanized world.

All Images: © CDM via Dezeen

h/t: Dezeen

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