Sign.com made 150 people draw famous brand logos absolutely out of their memory

Think you are the most loyal customer of the big brands that you use every day to get by? Well, how about a loyalty test? Sign.com took the idea too seriously and actually went on to test 156 Americans, who were given half an hour’s time to draw logos of the famous ten companies and that too, absolutely from memory. The test named, ‘Branded in Memory’ gave out pretty interesting results with logos of various iterations. Target logo fared better than most of the companies however, people couldn’t really get the number of bull’s eye rings in the logo right. Most of the people added a stalk in Apple logo which doesn’t happen to be there in the original one. Sign.com collected all these iterations and compiled them on one sheet which ranges from the most to least accurately drawn logos.

The fascinating part however is that 80% people remembered the colour of the brand logos even if they drew the design wrongly. The results clearly depict how each characteristic and mainly colour is important in branding and how it influences buyers’ choices by staying in their memory hence, one thing to take away from this test for the companies is that; branding should always be done with the customers in mind.

7 – 11



Burger King

Domino’s Pizza

Foot Locker





Results Summary

All Images: © Signs.com

h/t: My Modern Met

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