Sculptural artist gives a new twist to conventional ceramic pot designs

One would think there is not much room for innovation when it comes to conventional ceramic pots and vases but sculptural artist, Michael Boroniec throws in a new twist and curve with each of his contemporary ceramic vessels. The Rhode Island School of Design graduate has made his work all about clay spirals and has recently shared his work philosophy on Instagram,

“This process reveals aspects of the vase that most rarely encounter. Within the walls, maker’s marks become evident and contribute to the texture. The resultant ribbon effect, reminiscent of a wheel trimming, lends fragility, elegance, and motion to a medium generally perceived as hard and heavy. This emphasizes a resistance of gravity, allowing negative space to unravel and become part of the form.”

ceramics 7

ceramics 8

ceramics 10

ceramics 12

ceramics 5

ceramics 6

ceramics 9

ceramics 11

ceramics 13

ceramics 4

ceramics 2

ceramics 3

ceramics 1

You can watch a short film directed and produced by Mark Cantin and Cat Burt highlighting Michael’s work below:

Video / Embed

Images: © Michael Boroniec

Michael Boroniec: Tumblr | Instagram

h/t: Colossal

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