Scandinavian Style Hotel in Costa Rica blends two different cultures under one roof

Costa Rica is not short of beautiful white sand beaches and if you wish to spend away your vacation on one of these beaches without compromising your privacy then this modern hotel set up by architectural firm, Studio Saxe  in Santa Teressa, Costa Rica is just too perfect to be true.

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The firm has designed the hotel in pavilion-like structures that separate one guest room from another yet, opening up to the same ocean right in front of the hotel. The guests get a spectacular view of the turquoise ocean as well as the lush tropical garden behind it. The firm has also designed the rooftops of the hotel in a way that the guests can enjoy elevated views and the surrounding lush greenery while swaying away in their hammocks.

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The structure also comprises of an infinity pool right in the middle of the hotel, in the communal lounge area. The firm has also been careful with the overall materials used in the interior of the hotel hence, the wood used throughout the construction was locally sourced. The caña brava grass ceilings were also locally sourced while the Rattan furniture that adds on to the personality of the hotel was sourced from a local town, Sarchi which is known for its famous craftwork.

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Architect Benjamin Gracia Saxe states, “Hotels traditionally became vast objects in the landscape that bear no relation to their surroundings and are devoid of genuine human interaction. At Mint, we endeavored to create a contextual design that adapts to its landscape and offers a new type of experience for a breed of travellers seeking authenticity.”

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All Images: © Studio Saxe

h/t: Inhabitat

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