Robotic bar on wheels will serve drinks whenever and wherever you want

Markr Shakr, a robotic bar caused a massive spark in market six years ago. Its inventors created the buzz that this robotic bar can mix up thousands of combinations of different drinks. These days the designers of this robotic invention are making few additions. They have a plan to install and upgrade the technology used in the independent robotic vehicle to facilitate the consumers. In this way, the consumers would be able to avail the facility whenever they want.

The Italian design company named as Carlo Ratti Associti with collaboration with Coca-Cola, Bacardi Rum and MIT research lab created the robotic bar. Makr Shakr currently has two robotic arms that correspond to the commands given to them through the app. The app is used for shaking, stirring, straining, muddling, and pouring more than 60 different ingredients. The app controls the robotic arms and directs them to perform the actions. The bartending of Makr Shakr is the said to be informed by the best bartenders of the world and their movements by the best dancers in the world.

Makr Shakr Robotic Bartender on wheels 1

Image: Carlo Ratti Associti

The new concept, named as Guido will feature the autonomous Makr Shakr system being set on the self-driving vehicle which has both sides open. The users would use their app to call the vehicle on their location. The same app would be used to order a drink from the barmobile. There is a feature in the robotic bar that it will serve the customer of a certain age. That means that the age of the person would be checked by scanning the ID of the user. This would be helpful in avoiding the orders of the youngsters or children of below age. The customers would pay using their smartphones.

Emanuele Rossetti, the CEO of the company, says that ‘Guido’ is the application of a city-on-demand paradigm. The company is offering a new idea for experiencing comfort and leisure by matching the robotic bartenders with mobility systems. According to the company, they have a plan to develop the system in the current year.

Makr Shakr Robotic Bartender on wheels 3

Image: Carlo Ratti Associti

And Guido happens to mean “I drive” in Italian.

Source: Carlo Ratti Associati (via Design Boom)

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