Clicbot is the best educational robot for kids

The Clicbot acts as the perfect teacher for your kids. It is capable of listening, thinking and even reacting. It is designed by Carlos Baena, an award winning designer. He designed it to be a thinkable bot with a lovable personality. The robot can react to certain situations, making it even more interactive and life-like which, in turn, makes it the best robot for kids. Its adjustable personality will make you want to buy it now for your kids.

Interacts and plays with you

The inner workings of Clicbot

Clicbot’s personality can be adjusted through different pre-designed codes. There are almost more than 1000 setups designed for the bot and each of them has its own mix of use cases. These setups allow Clicbot to perform multiple functions like climbing, dancing, crawling, driving and even serving you your morning coffee. There are more than 50 pre-defined use cases, allowing the robot to carry out all these fun tasks.

Recognizes and follows people

Features of the Clicbot

This robot, designed specifically for kids, includes a face auto-tracker. There are different games that the robot can play like trivia, red light green light, ghost chaser, ball chaser, going to the center spot and distance keeper.

The smart robot can even display a range of over 200 reactions. It nuzzles up when you try to pet it and even gets excited when you put it in the charging station. The setups have been pre-defined so there is no need for you to code them.

Robot for kids- Includes auto tracker

Clicbot is an educational robot that can act as a teacher

Clicbot is easy to set up and put together. Maneuver the robot around by selecting the direction you want it to move in. You can even record movements using the record feature and repeat the movement whenever you want.

Robot for kids- Plays games

Learn how to code with the smart robot

The robot for kids can be easily programmed with a user-friendly interface, based on Blocky by Google. With easy instructions to follow, you can make this educational robot do, practically and virtually, anything.

If you wish to further experiment with the robot, it is even compatible with Python. You can create your own fun codes and play around with your educational robot.

Robot for kids- learn how to code

Share your fun endeavours with the robot for kids

The Clicbot Community is a fun and interactive place for you to share your own robotic adventures and browse through a myriad of other videos of the smart bot.

Robot for kids-upload videos to the community

Parts of the Clicbot

The robot for kids includes modular building blocks that are not just easy to build but also serve as a fun activity for the kids and family to enjoy.

Different sensors like the gesture sensor, and the touch sensor on the casing, camera and face recognition have been included. Towards the bottom of the robot, a microphone has been incorporated which can detect and amplify sound commands.

includes different sensors

The camera is used to detect people and their position, which enables the educational robot to follow you around and gives it an FPV control. If you use the ClicBot app, you can get the exact view of what your robot is able to see.

Other parts of the robot include the joint, a skeleton, a wheel, a distance sensor, a foot pressure sensor, a suction cup, a grasper, a phone holder and a mount. The phone holder allows you to capture pictures, videos and time lapses.

Robot for kids-parts of the robot

What makes this smart robot for kids unique?

  • Students connect better and are keener to learn when they love their teacher.
  • With different features on the go, students stay interested.
  • All the family members can gain something out of the educational robot, adding more value to it.
  • Coding now becomes a more fun and joyful experience for everyone.

The four Clickbot kits are the ‘Starter Kit’, the ‘Standard Kit’, the ‘Full Kit’ and the ‘Maker Kit’, being sold at different prices. With early bird discounts, you can get more than 22% off on the Clicbot Starter Kit.

Easy to connect with

About the company behind this smart robot for kids

KEYi Tech Ltd. is an innovative robotics company, founded in 2014, developed by the STEAM Education robots in China. The dedicated team of engineers and designers working at the company have all previously worked with big names like Pixar, Samsung and Intel.

With more than 200 different reactions possible, it makes this educational robot, even smarter. Currently, the kids’ robot kit is shipping to all the Clicbot backers.

All Images: Kickstarter

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