Enchanting Rice Fields Glimmer Like A Broken Glass

Rice is undoubtedly the best ingredient ever in the culinary world because it goes well with any kind of dish, belonging to any type of cuisine but, that is not the only reason that makes it such an incredible crop. Turns out, rice is not just a favourite for the foodies out there but is also an intriguing subject for landscape photographers as rice terraces make up for a truly mesmerizing visual treat for the eyes and cameras, likewise.

Rice cultivation usually occurs in flooded rice paddles as it helps in avoiding the weeds but, that is not a requisite of any kind. However, submerged rice fields do provide a better scene to be captured as the paddles give a texture of broken glasses with the surrounding nature as its reflection.

Image: Amir Eltahan

Image: Anujak Jaimook

Image: Chaluntorn Preeyasombat

Image: Ebin Tang

Image: Jeab Pavitrapok

Image: Jon Bratt

Image: Jon Bratt

Image: Juon Majeno

Image: Junya Hasegawa

Image: Narathip Ruksa

Image: Por Pathompat

Image: Quynh Anh

Image: Ratnakorn Piyasirisorost

Image: Sarawut Intarob

Image: Thierry Bornier

Image: Thierry Bornier

Image: Thierry Bornier

Image: zhangning

Image: Zhangning

Image: zhangning

References: Earth Porm, Bored Panda

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