Hydaway’s Reusable Bottle Collapses Into Flat Disc To Fit In Your Pocket

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We all care about the environment but let’s be honest, reusable plastic bottles are not the most convenient of option to carry water around for a whole day. Maybe that is why 90,000 plastic bottles are thrown away every minute after being used just for once. Good excuse but, thankfully Hydaway bottles will not give you a chance to get away with it.

People can choose from 600ml or 350ml Hydaway bottles and can quickly collapse it into 1.25-inch-tall flat discs and put it away in their pockets when not in use. The bottle itself is completely non-toxic, made up from food-grade silicone with a BPA-free plastic bottom and cap hence, ensuring that it is taste and odor free.

The inventor of these neat eco-friendly water bottles is Oregon, USA-based Niki Singlaub who has gained a backing of $263,086 on this project from the Kickstarter campaign therefore, making sure that these convenient replacement of non-reusable plastic bottles are here to stay for a long, long time.

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