Relive the highlights of 2018 Winter Olympics’ opening ceremony through these stunning pictures

There’s no denying that Winter Olympics is pretty eventful because of the participation of sportsmen all around the globe but it will be safe to say that more than often the limelight from sports is stolen by the Olympics’ ultra-majestic opening ceremony. 2018 Winter Olympics’ opening ceremony, held in Pyeongchang in South Korea, was as extravagant as ever and as marvelous as one could imagine.

From dazzling display of fireworks to enthralling dance routines, check out these incredible photographs to take you through the enchanting highlights of 2018 Winter Olympics’ opening ceremony!


The quintessential Olympic fireworks lit up the night sky and once again, left the crowd in an awe!

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The heavy fireworks gave a strong perception of red flames while the chilling winters enveloped Pyeongchang.

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The opening ceremony also displayed martial arts by some really talented locals.

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A well choreographed dance routine performed on the theme of Olympics, “peace”, left everyone in the audience in a trance.

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A throwback to 2012 K-pop classic ‘Gangnam Style’ by global sensation PSY was also witnessed by the eager audience. 

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The dance routines were highly detailed and the coordination between the dancers was unparalleled to anything we’ve seen before.

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To signify the theme of peace and harmony, ‘Pheonix’, the mythical creature and the symbol of peace took its place at the center of the stage.

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The dancers kept the viewers captivated for the entire time.

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The flamethrowers set the whole mood as well as the floor on fire!

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The flame sequence stunned everyone in the audience!

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The nation known for its digital advances left no stoned unturned to make the floor look like something out of the world.

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The parade involved all the participants marching around the stage and representing their home countries.

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Teams lifted up their countries’ flags up high with an unquestioned pride.

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The Tongan flag bearer, Pita Taufatofua, defied the bitter cold of South Korea to make an entrance for his country.


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North and South Korea dismissed their conflicts and came under one flag to symbolize peace and unity.

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The Jamaican lifted up everyone’s energy with their “Cool Runnings” sequel.

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Bermuda flag bearer Tucker Murphy also did not mind wearing Bermuda shorts in Pyeongchang’s freezing cold to represent his country. 

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US President Donald Trump’s and North Korea supreme leader Kim Jong Un’s lookalikes tried best to steal the spotlight but were busted by the security. 

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Olympic cauldron lit up as the two flag bearers ascend the staircase to light it up. 


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The view from Olympic cauldron is surely mesmerizing but is pretty scary for those who are scared of height.  


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The cauldron lit up in all its glory.


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With these activities, the opening ceremony reached to its end and the time to start the games began!


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Souce: Business Insider

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