16-Inch Blind-Spot Free Rearview Mirror Will Take Your Road Safety To A Whole New Level

When you sit in the car with a cautious mind, you might feel that the rear-view mirror has a very limited viewing field to actually keep you safe from the speeding vehicles in 5-lanes highway. In the midst of these concerns, a patented idea of an elongated rearview mirror has taken the markets by storm.

The Blind Spot Free Rearview Mirror provides a viewing field of 180 degrees as compared to the conventional 50 degrees viewing field rearview mirror and it does so without any hassle as the product gets attached to the already existing rearview mirror in your car without any adhesives or tools.  The mirror weighs only 10 ounces but works effectively to not only make you see the adjacent cars on the highway that are visible in your peripheral vision but also reduces the glare of their headlights by almost 50%.

The 16 inches long rearview mirror with distortion-free reflection is definitely be the safest bet to keep professional racers, policemen and normal drivers away from speedy vehicles and accidents on those extremely wide highways.

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Image by: Hammacher Schlemmer

References: Business Insider

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