RAID is a 1000-foot long instant security barrier that can be deployed in 60 seconds

The army has taken “protection” to a whole new level.

An instant barrier that goes by the name of RAID (Rapid In-Theater Deployment) can go up in seconds. Normally used by the military, this barrier is packed inside a standard shipping container and because it can fit in such a compact space, it is easier to transport from one place to another with ease; hence, the preference by military services.

Now that we have a general idea, let’s see how it actually works. The shipping container which carries the barrier is latched onto a truck. While stationary, one end of the RAID is planted on the ground. The truck then starts moving and the rest of the barrier quickly falls in place in accordance to the truck’s path. The entire process of placing the 1092 feet barrier on the ground takes a mere 60 seconds! Furthermore, it’s height of 7 feet allows for maximum privacy and security. Its design also ensures that it can also form 900 angles or curves when required.

Since it’s so quick and efficient, it allows military services to use it for their force protection missions. Although we are not sure of the price and materials of this barrier but the good news is that it can also be used for emergency response services!

Kudos to the military for coming up with such an efficient way to guarantee protection.

References: Tech Insider, HESCO

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