‘Print Your City’ project is turning plastic waste into 3D printed street furniture

3D printing has given people crazy yet brilliant ideas! The New Raw’s all new project named ‘Print Your City’ is one such example. The New Raw, based in Rotterdam, is basically a design studio which is turning plastic waste into street furniture under this project. Yes, you read that right!

According to recent studies, Amsterdam’s residents generate about 23 kg of plastic waster per capita per year. Realizing the adverse environmental impacts of plastic waste and the significance of recycling, The New Raw calculated the amount of plastic they would need to 3D print two large benches that could be placed in public places throughout the city. Interestingly, annual waste from every three residents would be sufficient to create two of these XXX benches.

Print your City 7

Image:  The New Raw

Print your City 2

Image:  The New Raw

The plastic waste is sourced from pellets from municipal waste or flakes from ground up products. Each XXX bench printed from the 3D printer weighs 50 kg and has the following dimensions: 150 cm x 80 cm. This prototype has been created using a large-scale pellet extrusion 3D printer and can easily accommodate up to four people.

Print your City 3

Image:  The New Raw

Print your City 6

Image:  The New Raw

According to The New Raw, the XXX bench has been designed to ‘rock’ where users need to ‘find equilibrium together, or use their energy to rock each other’. While talking about this project, the studio said, “Cities provide a suitable field for large, long-lasting and easy to trace applications for recycled plastic. In this field, the technology of 3D printing enables closing the material loop of plastic with a short recycling path and a zero-waste production process. Furthermore, it can combine modular repair and mass customization, making a more circular city feasible with more engaged citizens and less CO2 emissions.”

Print your City 5

Image:  The New Raw

It is not surprising that the shape and size of the bench is customisable and one (read: businesses) can ever print logos and messages on it. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about disposing the bench as it can be recycled and transformed into another street furniture item.

The New Raw has much more in store – recycling bins, playgrounds and bus stops made entirely out of recycled plastic. If you are living in Amsterdam, get ready for your city’s makeover!

h/t: New Atlas

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