British photographer captures the powerful crashing waves in complete brilliance

While many find crashing waves soothing, British photographer Rachael Talibart sees art in them and captures the photographs in that very essence. Talibart’s photographic series “Sirens” captures majestic waves through high speed shutter, making them appear frozen in the frames.

The photographer took inspiration for this project by her childhood memories of visiting the south coast of England. Elaborating on her inspiration, she said, “For me, the ocean will always be a potent source of inspiration. It makes small, unimportant things of us all yet, at the same time, it is exhilarating and profoundly life-affirming.” Talibart has named each photograph after a Greek God or mythical sea creatures or Norse, depending on the form of the wave. You can get a chance to experience her art in person at the Brighton Photography Gallery or just go through the breathtaking pictures right here!

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“Kraken”, the giant sea monster.

1 1

“Ceto”, the primordial sea goddess.

2 1

“Anapos” the water god.

3 1

“Ligeia” derived from Greek λιγυς (ligys) meaning “clear-voiced, shrill, whistling”. This was the name of one of the Sirens in Greek legend. It was also used by Edgar Allan Poe in his story ‘Ligeia’ (1838).

4 1


5 1


6 1

“Oceanus” Titan Lord of the Sea.

7 1

“Poseidon Rising” God of the Sea.

8 1

“Medusa” Snake-haired Gorgon.

9 1


10 1

“Loki” Trickster god.

11 1

“Nonook” King of bears.




“Sea nymph”.


“Nyx” Goddess of the night.




“Goliath”, giant warrior.




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Images: © Rachael Talibart

Rachael Talibart: Website | Facebook | Instagram

h/t: My Modern Met

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