Portugal’s sky turns into a rainbow with these colourful floating umbrellas

Sometimes all you need in life is to look up at the sky and see it transforming into a colourful blanket and yes, that might sound like a far-fetched Disney fantasy but not for the people residing in Agueda, Portugal. This year in the Agitagueda art festival in Portugal, Sextafeira Produções put up hundreds of colourful umbrellas in a street and the results were tuly enchanting. A lot of photographers captured the fairytale sight and shared with the world through social media. Check out the vibrant photographs of the umbrella street right here!

umbrellas 3

umbrellas 7

umbrellas 9

umbrellas 5

umbrellas 6

umbrellas 2

umbrellas 4

umbrellas 8

Images: © Patricia AlmeidaPedro Nascimento

h/t: Bored Panda

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