Photographer Captures Portraits of Identical Twins

It is really hard to differentiate between identical twins as they share almost everything. With striking similarities in appearances, facial features and sometimes habits too, making it almost impossible to tell them apart.

A New York based photographer Martin Schoeller, 45 was commissioned by National Geographic for discovering the differences between identical twins despite looking so much alike.

Martin Shoeller spent almost two years photographing twins (and triplets, and quadruplets) to reveal the subtle differences. The photographer says that even though his subjects looked alike but they still have tiny differences in their faces, many of which are the result of their different life choices. So even if they look much alike, you can distinguish personalities.

Martin photographed each individual in a strictly controlled environment with the same angle, lighting, with blank piece of paper in the background and then compared the two images side by side with matching expressions to highlight the differences.

So, do these identical twins look the same to you? Let us know in the comments.

1. Elizabeth (L) and Cecelia (R)

2. Jones (L), Moses (C) and Noah (R)

3. Marta (L) and Emma (R)

4. Ava (L) and Isabel (R)

5. Danielle (L) and Chantelle (R)

6. David (L) and Oliver (R)

7. Spencer (L) and Skyler (R)

8. Marilyn (L) and Carolyn (R)

9.Eva (L) and Johanna Gill (R)

10. Nate Mueller (L) and Kirk Mueller (R)

11. Aidan Key (L) and Brenda Bowers (R)

12. Breanna Ginley (L) and Adalynn Ginley (R)

13. Ellen Starr (L) and Helen Underwood (R)

14. Jordan Timotiwu (L) and Jason Timotiwu (R)

15. Jean Moyer (L) and June Davis (R)

16. Katie Parks (L) and Sarah Parks (R)

17. McKenzie Burns (L) and Sidney Jackson (R)

All Photographs by Martin Schoeller

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