Photographers capture diverse landscapes amidst vividly hued billowing clouds

Genius French photographers Isabelle Chapuis and Alexis Pichot recently collaborated to create their thought-provoking photography series, “Blossom”. The series explores various landscapes of US, Morocco, Turkey, and Norway and depicts how beautifully natural forms grow when not perturbed by human influence. The pigmented smoke that the duo incorporated in the frame turns the natural landscapes as well as abandoned sites into entrancing fantasy. The yellow, pink, green, blue and mustard-hued billowing clouds create an unforgettable impact in each shot, showing the beauty that creative impulse of humans can create. Chapuis says, “If people are absent from these photographs, their imprint is suggested among these wild natural or abandoned landscapes”.

The pigmented clouds take various forms, depending on the location and so, not even one shot taken from the Nikon D810 camera by Chapuis and Pichot, looks remotely similar to another one. Check out all these diverse photographs right here!

clouds 9

clouds 12

clouds 13

clouds 10

clouds 8

clouds 11

clouds 5

clouds 15

clouds 4

clouds 14

clouds 7

clouds 6

clouds 3

clouds 1

clouds 16

All Images: © Isabelle & Alexis

Isabelle & Alexis: Website | Instagram

h/t: Colossal

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