Photographer’s abstract pictures of iconic buildings make them look otherworldly

Great architecture looks spectacular despite of where and how it is put up. Hamburg-based photographer Lars Stieger proves just that in his abstract architecture photography series, Spaceships. Stieger takes pictures of phenomenal architectural structures in a complete unconventional and abstract way that even the iconic buildings look like something out  of an alien world. Check them out yourself to understand what we are talking about!

abstract 17

abstract 7

abstract 11

abstract 1

abstract 14

abstract 10

abstract 4

abstract 6

abstract 15

abstract 5

abstract 18

abstract 3

abstract 8

abstract 13

abstract 16

abstract 12

abstract 9

All Images: © Lars Stieger

Lars Stieger: Website | Behance

h/t: Colossal

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