Photographer RK shows the exotic street culture of Tokyo through his photographs

Tourism-promoting photographs do not often do justice to the beauty of different countries since they almost always focus on the scenic beauty of the location instead of showing the street culture of the place and needless to say, the street culture can tell you a lot of interesting things about a country that you might never be able to explore otherwise. Thankfully, street photographer RK has covered this exciting part of Japan for all of us through his iPhone as well as a DSLR.

RK’s inspiration arises from his love for the streets and the people on it, belonging to otherwise different walks of life. His pictures provide a true representation of the culture and life of people residing in Tokyo and each photograph completely draws you in with the beautiful narrative it conveys to the viewer. He covers the streets, the people, architecture and the environment of Tokyo in his neon-saturated photographs captured in the evening as well as at night.

tokyo 1

tokyo 2

tokyo 8

tokyo 9

tokyo 10

tokyo 16

tokyo 11

tokyo 13

tokyo 15

tokyo 20

tokyo 21

tokyo 6

tokyo 12

tokyo 14

tokyo 5

tokyo 17

tokyo 7

tokyo 19

tokyo 3

tokyo 4

Images: © RK

h/t: My Modern Met

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