Photographer ingeniously captures dual compositions in one shot with the help of a mirror

Creative people know no bounds when it comes to capturing their imagination in its full capacity. However, one does not need to go through too many complications to materialize their vision. Sometimes placing a mirror correctly does the job, too. Photographer Sebastian Magnani recently worked with a reflective mirror to create insanely mesmerizing photographs that combine two sceneries in one composition. The reflection in the mirror sometimes complements the surrounding scenery in the image and sometimes juxtaposes it. The Swiss photographer plays with textures of the environment with such delicacy that it leads the viewers into a wonderful illusion of fantasy. Cloudy night, flowering trees, fallen autumn leaves, asphalt surfaces and organic twigs, Magnani incorporates subtlety of all these elements beautifully in her compositions. Check out some of these right here and if you can’t get enough of them then head on to her website to see some more!

mirrors 1

mirrors 5

mirrors 10

mirrors 2

mirrors 9

mirrors 11

mirrors 3

mirrors 4

mirrors 7

mirrors 6

mirrors 8

mirrors 13

mirrors 14

mirrors 12

All Images: © Sebastian Magnani

Sebastian Magnani: Instagram | Website

h/t: Colossal

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