Photographer captures intimidating storm clouds with extraordinary beauty

Storm clouds may seem to be extremely intimidating to people but not to the exceptional photographer, Camille Seaman who captured various storm clouds with out of the world aesthetic sensibility for her new book The Big Cloud. The series of 100 photographs have been captured by the Seaman with such finesse that one can’t help but think of storm clouds as extremely gorgeous instead of just destructive. Seaman took to the storm chaser photography tour soon after her daughter got excited for her mother to shoot it while watching the Storm Chasers on National Geographic TV and this proved to be just the beginning of an extraordinary artistic journey for Seaman.

The photographer summed up her experience in her book, “I wasn’t prepared for just how overwhelming an experience chasing can be. It is visceral and multisensory: the smell of the charged particles, the sweetness of the grass, the scent of the pavement just before it rains, the sight of the wind blowing through cornfields, not to mention the colors of the clouds and the light of the sky and the lightning. It’s all so beautiful, so awesome, and so humbling at the same time.”

Mammatus Clouds IV – Nebraska, USA, June 2008

4 1

The Collapse III – South Dakota, USA, June 2008


Minnesota, June 2014

1 1

Rotation (H) – Kansas, USA, May 2008


Low precipitation supercell. Nebraska, June 2012

2 1

Kansas, June 2008

3 1

Minnesota, June 2014

5 1

Rain Over Fields of Gold – Kansas, USA, May 2008

The Big Cloud 2

Under the Anvil, Looking West – Presho South Dakota, USA, June 2011

The Big Cloud 3

Rain In The Fields – Kansas, USA, May 2008

The Big Cloud 6

Tower Climbing – Levelland Texas, USA, May 2012

The Big Cloud 7

Scuds & Hail – Texas, USA, May 2012

The Big Cloud 1

The Blue Eye (H) – Kansas, USA, May 2008

The Big Cloud 5

Images: © Camille Seaman

Camille Seaman: Website | Facebook | Instagram

h/t: My Modern Met

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