Photographer Captures Bare Trees Against Remote Snowy Landscapes

Evergreen trees are truly stunning however, Swiss photographer Pierre Pellegrini believes just the opposite. Pellegrini gets drawn to bare trees instead, because of the beautiful melancholy that they depict. The photographer has wonderfully captured a series of long exposure photographs of bare trees against the snowy background while managing to make the remote landscape look like a symbol of harmony. Pellegrini says, “I simply photograph what I feel, and am always looking for moments and situations where everything is in its place. I try to find a sort of harmony between what I see and what I feel.”

bare trees 5

bare trees 3

bare trees 6

bare trees 1

bare trees 2

bare trees 9

bare trees 4

bare trees 8

All Images: © Pierre Pellegrini

Pierre Pellegrini: Website | Instagram

h/t: Colossal

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