Reuben Wu captures Peruvian tropical glacier in all its stunning glory

The famous photographer who is obsessed with creating otherworldly illuminated, sweeping shots of land formations via drones strikes again. Reuben Wu has explored it all, from snow landscapes to sand dunes and this time, he has experimented his crazy drone lighting technique on the humongous glacier of Peru, Pastoruri Glacier. The rare tropical glacier crowns the Cordillera Blanca mountain range and is 17000 feet above the sea level.

Wu took the project of photographing this stunning glacier for the Great Big Story video series named “Made From Mountains,” and naturally, the task of researching, scouting, photographing and trekking posed many rigorous challenges. In an interview Wu explains the most taxing issue that he had to face on the trip, “I photographed the glacier with conflicting feelings. I wanted to show evidence of its alarming retreat, yet I was drawn to the epic scale of the ice which remained. In the end I leaned towards the latter, but each photograph represents a bleak reality, a fading memory of what once stood.” Despite of the creative and logistical problems, the photographer remained steadfast throughout the journey and produced some of the most breathtaking pictures that you would ever get to witness. Check out his work right here!

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glacier 2

glacier 6

glacier 1

glacier 4

glacier 5

glacier 3

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Images: © Reuben Wu

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