Personal floating lodges at Thailand’s Z9 Resort integrates eco-friendliness with luxury

Bangkok based Dersyn Studio recently created a magnificent resort, called the Z9, located in western Thailand, along the shoreline of the Srinakharin lake.

The lodges in this resort – floating or on land- depict a precision and conciseness in terms of symmetry and continuity, making it a very pleasing sight. The individual floating rafts, positioned along the circumference of the lake provide a perfect view of nature, whereas the land lodges are ideally located to enhance the views of the sunrise and sunset.

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Apart from aesthetics, Dersyn Studio also focused on being as eco-friendly as possible. With the aim of keeping the guests as connected to nature as possible, the designers adapted the strategy of ‘reduce, reuse, and recycle’ and integrated it during their building process. They reused local discarded timber and incorporated it into the décor of the resort. Additionally, taking use of the commonly thrown away wood flakes, they compressed the layers to create an oriented strand board, which was added to the ceilings.

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Furthermore, in order to decrease the carbon footprint, the designers reduced the use of as much resources as they could. This included extending the lodges out into the lake to reduce the amount of excavated land. Moreover, the entire structure of the resort uses lightweight steel, which further decreases any contact with the land. Another advantage of using lightweight steel instead of concrete is that it proves to be much faster and cleaner. The designers also used the large reclaimed wood pieces and recycled them to create interior furniture.

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Apart from sustainability in design, the resort also applies the ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ mantra in their water consumption. After guests use the water, it goes through a closed circuit water treatment plant, which then eventually drains into the lake where people can swim freely.

Thanks to their smart design, the Dersyn Studio were able to offer guests relaxation and a connection with the natural environment.

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All Images: © Beer SingnoiJagkree Phetphosree via Arch Daily

h/t: Design Boom

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