Panasonic’s Wear Space will help you block out the world to let you focus on work

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With multiple things going on in our life, it is not strange that many of us find being focused on one thing quite tricky. No worries there since, Panasonic’s “Wear Space” can make you get back on a focused track in absolutely no time. The wearable portable product limits your sight and offers noise cancellation to help you focus on things by blocking most of the distraction that are taking place in your field of view. The device, created from the collaboration of fashion designer Kunihiko Morinagais and the studio, future life factory, made up of easy to wear flexible material and you can twist or fold it any time you want. The Wear Space can be customized conveniently to provide the level of personal space and concentration that the wearer wants. So, are you ready to block out the world and indulge in your own work?

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Images: © Panasonic

h/t: Curbed

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